Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 1

Hey Everyone!

So this week has been a very busy one.
My new Companion is Elder Bartlett, He's 23 months in and is from Sacramento. He's an energetic and fun guy. He is currently the District leader as well as my trainer. He literally a few transfers ago as an AP. Now when I found out he was AP, my first thought was, "Man, was I that bad In the MTC that they need a former AP to train me?" But believe it or not I'm actually one of the strongest (Knowledge/spiritual wise) of all the new missionaries. And so he's here to train me to end up being a leader later in my mission. So yeah, no big deal.
So the area we are in is the UVU North area, covering the YSA 1st and 2nd Stake, so we cover 20 wards total. So there is actually 30 YSA wards. We just don't cover the 3rd YSA stake, which consists of the UVU campus and housing. Thankfully this is a driving area as we cover literally all of the city of Orem (Minus actually being on campus for UVU). So this last Sunday was a little crazy with having to attend 4 Sacrament meetings all back to back. Fun thing about this area though is we both whitewashed (meaning both of us have never been in the area or know anything about the area) this area. So the first two days was trying to figure out who all we can teach and meet with. But so, all the people we have met with have been some of the coolest people I've ever met. I haven't a single person I haven't like here, be it missionary, less active member, Investigator, or member.
Believe it or not YSA missionaries don't get fed to often. Last night was our first dinner and it was with our land lords. So no jello yet.
Our apartment is literally someone's basement, and it's tiny. Like some peoples kitchens are bigger than out apartment. We are literally in the smallest apartment in the mission.
So other than lots of paper work (which has all been actually digital because of the iPad) A few exciting things that happened was on my first day I'm pretty sure Elder Bartlett took me to a drug house. It was pretty intense, but we gave a good lesson and set up another lesson with the people we met at a near by church building. But then the next time we showed up there was a total of four Elders and one member with us, so yeah, I'm Sure it was a drug house. But in that very house, we gave a blessing to one of the less actives who lived there and it was really a spiritual moment.
Some other exciting stuff was we had a baptism on Saturday. It was pretty awesome, even though we did have to scramble to get it ready on such short notice. The thing was though the girl that was baptized was of polygamist background, so she had to be interviewed by a Quorum of the Seventy, and President Killpack. But so her boyfriend who served a mission in Mexico was the one who baptized her, and then the next Sunday me and Elder Bartlett took place in the confirmation.
But believe it or not polygamists are kinda common as we are teaching another girl with that kind of background. Like I would have never of thought that I would be running into polygamists ever in my life.
I've also put my first investigator on date for baptism on our first lesson with him, which honestly isn't to big a deal as I'll probably be doing that a fair amount.
But so as you probably where wondering what a missionary does here in the middle of Mormon Central, is we focus mainly (or so it seems) on Less Actives. We do find our fair share of true investigators, but the less actives are those we seem to be meeting with the most.
If you want some more specifics feel free, any and all of you to send me emails at any point of the week as much as you want. (The more I get to read the better)
Hope You All Are Having A Great Time,
Elder Kentish

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