Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 2

Hey Everyone.

So this week has been a bit of an interesting one. Just going out and teaching people. We've gone back to that same drug house a few times but lately everyone there has been super friendly and the girl we teach has started to commit to come back to church (she's a less active). But we've just been meeting with awesome people and awesome Ward and full time missionaries. Like tomorrow I'm going on exchanges with the UVU south missionaries (they cover the campus and most of student housing), specifically Elder Cole (who is the funniest Elder alive). So I'm looking forward to that.
A fun accidental event happened this week where some guys we teach accidentally scheduled an appointment with us (the YSA Elders) and their family Ward Elders (Elder Wainhouse and Campell [two great people by the way]) at the same time. We got there first and then literally five minutes later there's a knock at the door and I go to open it and we all just stare at each other all confused. Then, Brian (the guy who accidentally set up the appointments at the same time)
just says out loud "whoops" and then his friend Cris just yells out "I knew something wasn't right!" But so after joking with Brian a little bit we took the other Elders to a referral they had (they didn't have a car so we drove them) and then went back to teach Brian and Cris.
I don't know if I mentioned this last week but Elder Bartlett is the district leader in our district, so we get to talk to all the other elders and sisters in the area every so often. And all the people in
the district are amazing.
We also get to talk to our Zone Leaders pretty often who are awesome as well. One of them, Elder Perire is from Brazil. And he's actually set back home. He has a house, a car, a fiancé waiting for him, and he used to own his own dentist clinic. But he gave all that up to serve the Lord. He really is an amazing man. Just everyone out here is amazing. Nothing else happened that was to special other than two things in particular. The mission was invited to go to Salt Lake to participate in a world
wide missionary broadcast as the audience along with several other missions in the area such as the temple square and salt lake missions. But so at this broadcast a few of the apostles showed up, Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks to name two. But it was mainly about a new focus for missionaries which is "Teach Repentance, and Baptize Converts." So they gave some talks on how to help move the work along, but it was so awesome to see some of the apostles, and we got to shake some member
of the seventy's hands. It really was an amazing experience, and it felt like the spirit hit everyone like a brick wall when they all walked in.
One other interesting experience Is I give my second blessing while being out in the field. One of our less actives was biking and got hit by a car, and so when we met him we shared a short message then gave home a blessing. The interesting thing about this was we met him at a church we couldn't get into, so we had the lesson in our car while it was snowing outside. Then when we gave him the blessing we had him sit in the passenger seat and had to reach through the windows while we
stood outside in the snow to bless him. It was a very interesting experience. But a spiritual one none the less. But so that's all I have for now. Nothing to outstanding other than those few things. But I'm sure more exciting things are to come!
Feel free to email me anytime. Sorry you're on here twice April. I have emails for you and I don't
know which to send to. Mom, feel free to send more ties or scarfs anytime.

Till Next Time,
Elder Kentish

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