Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 3

Hey Everyone!

Shorter Letter this week as its been busy in the sense of doing the...
same thing. Teaching lots of people and doing electronic paper work.

But so this last Tuesday I went in exchanges with Elder Cole in the
UVU South area which covers the UVU campus and most of student
housing. It was interesting seeing how things were going on over
there. They only cover one YSA stake but it is super busy. Elder Cole
is a fun Elder and I had a blast with him. But when I got back with
Elder Bartlett it was nice having him back. Because it was
interesting. Elder Bartlett always seems to be in a rush in
everything, while Eder Cole seems to be a little laid back for
everything. Never in a bad way for either. It's just interesting to
see how even though we all do the same work, people do everything a
little differently.
But so like I said we have been teaching lots of people to the point
were a couple nights this last week we were on splits and we plan for
all of this upcoming week to be on splits. It was interesting teaching
a lesson virtually on my own (even if the Ward Mission Leaders are a
big help). It's really interesting though. After every lesson everyone
asks how long I've (or we've) been out. And when I tell people I've
only been out for less than a month people have started to not believe
me. Apparently I'm just that good, because a lot of people guess I've
been out for at least a year.
I feel really blessed that a lot of our Ward Mission Leaders are RM's
so they all know how Ward Mission Leaders should be doing their job.
My favorite Ward Mission Leader is the 17th wards. His name is Brother
Bryson. He's served in the Phoenix Arizona mission and was one of the
trial iPad missionaries. So he knows our current electronic Struggles
and such. He's been a huge help with everything and plans on making
some big changes to the way Ward missionary work will work.
In other news a Less Active we were teaching last night gave us a
little parting gift. His mother made like seven loafs of homemade
bread, and right as we were about to leave he gives us the biggest
loaf and sends us on our way. The bread is so amazing and it's already
halfway gone. So now it makes sense why she made seven. Because it's
gone in a second.
Also in other news, last Pday while we were at the store two separate
ladies gave us each 20$ and another woman paid for all of our
groceries. Like, I always heard that stuff like this happens, but I
never thought it would happen to me. It was weird because no matter
how hard we'd try to deny their help they always swoop in on the last
second to ring what ever it is we had up on their card.
But so, I've been really enjoying the area (even if it has snowed
almost everyday I've been here) and the people I teach and teach with
are awesome. I can definitely see how I was placed here to teach
specific people. And I feel very blessed.

Till Next Week,
Elder Kentish

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