Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 4

Hello Everyone!

Another week has gone by and we have had a few interesting experiences.
So earlier this week we had taught a lesson in a bathroom that is
bigger than our apartment. Now I'm sure you're wondering why a
bathroom. But it was because we were helping a member move out, and as
we were admiring their bathroom (which is seriously almost twice the
size of our apartment) he just asked if we could do the lesson there
because he didn't feel like moving. So yeah. Lesson in a bathroom.
Also I finally got the chance to go to the Provo City Center Temple
open house. I got super lucky as they extended the time recently for
missionaries to take investigators to it. And so we escorted our
investigator through and I finally got to see it. It was an an amazing
Temple. And there was tons of wood work in it. Like. Seriously. Tons.
But it was so beautiful and I feel seriously so lucky I got the chance
to see it.
Another fun experience I had was on Sunday. An investigator was in
need of a baptismal interview and because Elder Bartlett is our
district leader we needed a zone leader to do the interview. Well, the
zone leaders had a Ward council they needed to attend. So I went with
Elder Pereira (the Brazilian dentist) to their Ward council (because
him and Elder Evans are the zone leaders) while Elder Evans
interviewed the investigator. Well. Our zone leaders are Spanish
elders. So I got to sit in on a Spanish Ward council, and I had no
idea what in the world was going on the entire time. But it made me
want to learn Spanish (for once).
So something else interesting happened on Sunday. As I'm sure you all
are well aware it was fast Sunday, so therefore it was a testimony
meeting during sacrament. Well, right towards the end and after tons
of people gave their testimony (including Elder Bartlett) we had an
investigator we have been working with by the name of Kandi (She is
someone who has very little religious knowledge period, and was
attending with her boyfriend), walk right up to the pulpit. She then
stated she was prompted by an unknown feeling to get up there and
express her personal testimony. She spoke on how she enjoyed
everyone's testimonies and how she loved the standards of the church.
She made sure to say she didn't quite know if the church was true or
not, but she was definitely open to it. It was an amazing experience.
And as she was walking down for the pulpit a member of the bishopric
stopped her and whispered something to her, which we assumed was
something along the lines of 'have you met with the full time
missionaries' as we then immediately see them point to us and we all
gave out a nice laugh. It truly was an amazing experience and
something no one saw coming.
So other than being really cold this has been a pretty eventful week.
It was hard to get lessons Sunday night because of the super bowl
though, but none the less glad the Broncos won.
For those of you wondering what I've been doing on my Pdays you'd be
disappointed. So far every single one has been filled with shopping
and sitting around doing nothing, because Elder Bartlett had been
preparing for coming back here for school. So like today we sat at the
DMV for three hours because he was getting his residency and he has to
finish his UVU application and all this other paperwork related stuff.
It's not fun because we are going to be missing our Zone Activity
which literally starts in a few minutes. (I'm writing this email as
he's filling more paperwork out) So yeah.
Any how, that's an overview of all our interest moments this week.
Everyone feel free to email anytime!

Till Next Week,
Elder Kentish

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