Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 5


So another week has gone by and it was a little on the rough side.

We have had tons of cancellations through out the week and people have been getting hard to reschedule with as well. Its not making our lives easy at the time, but who said it would be easy?

In other news though we had one baptism this week for a guy named Brian Perkins, and man is he something else. When we scheduled the baptism, apparently there was a blood drive going on at the church we had scheduled for, so we had to baby sit the fount and the room we were doing the service in for several hours well before the baptism. But it went smoothly and the baptism had a good turn out. It was funny though, during the baptism Brian tried to dunk himself before the baptismal prayer was even said.

In over news I spoke twice this last Sunday on missionary work. One talk was 8 minutes long, the other I gave was 25 minutes long. A big difference between the two. But both talks were focused on the conversion story of Zeezrom, and the background that got Alma the younger and Amulek to the point of meeting with him. I spoke about how the change of one man lead to other great things as Zeezrom later becomes a missionary with Alma and the sons of Mosiah for the Zoramites.

So two pretty interesting events happened this week. One just a few hours ago and the other a few days ago.

The one that happened a few days a go was super strange. We were in the Cherry Hill Sisters area (Sisters Inman and Denning [Their area being the home wards to our second YSA stake]) doing what we call a 'Blitz'(which is where everyone in the district focuses on one area in the district, this area being the sisters district at the time). And while on the Blitz we were hitting up some referrals for them in an area we weren't to familiar with in south Orem. So eventually we get a little lost, and start driving down this weird road in the middle of a neighborhood, and we see something lying in the middle of the street. As we pull up to it we discover its a dog, and the dog looks like it was hit by a car. It wasn't moving or anything. So I rolled down my window to try and get a better look at it and once its down Elder Bartlett then honks the horn on the car, and this dog we thought was dead just jumps to its feet and starts barking, scaring both of us and causing us to speed away as quickly as legally possible. But it gets better as we try to drive away this huge herd of cats just wanders into the road. and when I say huge, i mean there was at least a dozen or more cats. And it was just a super strange site, and at this point Elder Bartlett just yells our "WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE WE!" I don't know. I thought it was pretty funny.

Then the event that happen a few hours ago was Elder Bartlett was having a rough morning as his iPad wasn't working, and as we were leaving the grocery store this is a Chucky Cheese across the street and while pulling out of the parking lot Elder Bartlett just says "Let's just go get a picture with Chucky." and we pull into the lot and go on in. Next thing I know we are talking to the owner and Elder Bartlett is asking to get a picture with Chucky, and then the Owner offers us free food, so we at lunch for free at a Chucky Cheese today, and also have a picture with the over sized mouse costume. So yeah, it was a pretty interesting time...

So yeah, it was a pretty interesting week, and as this is the last full week of the transfer Elder Bartlett will be going home not this Thursday, but next. and I'll be getting a new companion on next Wednesday. So it'll be a fun time as Elder Bartlett finishes out his time here.

Hey, so I finally got the package, and I ate all that candy on my own because I'm a fatty now. Elder Bartlett isn't to big a fan of sweets so they were all for me at that point. lol

I have some requests for the next care package when ever that will be. More skinny style ties (not super skinny though. Like the rum ties is the skinniest it can be {and that tie is a Penguin tie, and I want more of those, you can tell by the penguin on the back of it.}) Also, a CD and a Flash drive with a bunch of MoTab (two specific hymns I really want be it MoTab or what ever is 'If You Could Hide To Kolob' and 'Be Still My Soul' ) and every every single religious Sufan Stevens song you can find that is around. (His Christmas volumes should all be good, as well as a bunch of songs off of his Seven Swans album) you can also send the Nashville tribute band. but if you can get all those music files on a flash drive we can plug the flash drive into our car to listen to it. so that'd be awesome. also like two or three more scarfs, not to many scarfs. Also less food and more material things that will stick around more.

Yes there are biking areas, but I never know when I'm going to need one. So just keep that money sitting there and when the money goes poof that's when I needed it.

Also I cant receive videos, but pictures would be ok for MTW and Brents farewells. What I'm holding in one picture is my TiWi card, a card I have to use to log in every time i drive. But with elder Bartlett being the designated driver I haven't gotten the chance to yet.

Tell Miss Clara thank you for the shirt, and tell Tia LoLu thank you as well for the package. Also let Nana know I said thank you for the card.

It's been a fun time and I'll write again soon.

Elder Kentish

With Elder Bartlett

Baptism Time

TiWi Card and Driving Priveledge

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