Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 7 Transfer


Transfers were this week! And so with Elder Bartlett now back home in the CA, I now have Elder Richardson. He's been out almost 5 months. And he is from the Boston area. He is super notorious for all the puns he makes. So it's a fun time. Also because Elder Bartlett left, and even though Elder Richardson is senior companion, I'm technically leading the area. It's kinda nerve racking. We have a baptism this week and because he has no knowledge of the area I'm kinda on my own with setting everything up. It's fun stuff. 

Also, if you saw my pictures from last week. We recorded two mission song parodies last P-Day. I'll send them to mom and she can determine who to send them to. They are the first mission songs made here so it's kind of awesome. Also. Because of one line I sing in a song I now have the nickname Dirty Cash. And it doesn't seem it's going away any time soon. 

In other news we have a baptism coming up! Her name is Becca Allred. She was from a polygamist background and she finally got interviewed by a member of the 70, and she was approved to be baptized! She's been waiting for almost three months for this to happen! 

We also got to witness a Re-baptism this week as well, it was for a guy named Michael. Not quite sure if he was excommunicated, or if he had his records removed, but he is one lost sheep who has returned to the fold. 

Lately I have been stressing the importance of the Book of Mormon to everyone. I don't know why it's been so important lately to me, but it has been. 

Also! Something I've noticed, is when I'm in a lesson, my voice changes completely. It almost doesn't sound like me. It's weird. 

But so stake conference for the YSA stakes is this week, and I've never heard of a YSA stake conference so this will be fun. We will have to be split as both stakes are having them at the same times, so that'll be fun!

Oh! Also we are teaching some one named Rob, he's an investigator, and when I brought him up yesterday at the 1st stake Ward Mission Leader correlation meeting, I got some interesting reactions. Reason being, he was the biggest drug dealer in all of northern Utah for four years. He found the gospel while in jail, and he's not quite clean, but he is looking for that "something else" and he's probably one of the coolest guys I've ever met.

Then just the other day, I was going on splits and contacting with an Elders Quorm President in the 22nd Ward, and we entered a familiar apartment complex, and it didn't take me to long to recognize it as our old zone leaders live there (they redid the zone boundaries) and I looked to him and said, "How funny would it be if this referral was for our Zone Leaders." Then we walk over to their building and I start busting out laughing. The referral was for their neighbor. (And if you are wondering why they didn't talk to their neighbor is we have a strict rule about not proselyting to your neighbors) After knocking on the door a few times and talking to the Ward Mission Leader for a second, Elder Pereira slowly opens the door and pokes his head out, then busts out laughing saying "I thought I heard missionary talk out here." Then his new companion (his old companion Elder Evans went home) Elder Florez walked over to the door, and I forgot he was his companion and it caught me off guard (because Elder Florez as just released as AP, so I got all awkward real fast), and then after a few seconds of an awkward greeting between the Elders Quorm President and the ZL's I accidentally said out loud "Well this is awkward..." And then Elder Florez broke out in laughter. But we then talked about the neighbor and was then on our way.

So yeah. It's been an interesting week.

But here are some photos to finish up all that I'm lacking in written words!

Elder Bartlett leaving me on his bike...
My Last picture with Elder Barlett
My last photo with Elder Bartlett
And me and Elder Richardson

'Till Next Time,
Elder Kentish

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