Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 6


I won't have time to do a full email today. So here are some photos.

That's our district with DJ Dub-D (on the left of Elder Bullock [the one in blue]) after we recorded some songs in his study for district activity.

We recorded some songs for Pday and I'll send them to you when I have the chance. They are missionary spoofs of rap songs.

Also for music it's anything uplifting. He has no specific "approved" list. So yes. Sufjan is ok and what ever else you think fits under that category.

I see president Killpack probably once a week, but never long enough to interact all that much. He is very kind, loving, and inspired though.

Also tell April what's up, I haven't heard from her in a while. Also tell Mollie to email me, I've gotten a letter from her, and just let her know it'd be easier for emails for me.

I'm so sorry I don't have time for a full letter, it's just been really busy today!

Also transfers are this week and I get my new companion this Wednesday, I'll let you know all about that then!

Elder Kentish

Rap Artists

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